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Do you need a website? I can help you on building a website for free.

Maybe you’re a blogger, freelancer, entrepreneur, mentor, business owner, or an affiliate marketer, and whether you choose to create a website to share your passion for arts and music, inform people of your business, sell products, or any other reason, you are limitless to what you can do.

Having a website means establishing a brand for yourself and credibility for your business.

A website is your most powerful tool for communication. It is a unique way to connect to the vast online world. It is a virtual storefront, where visitors know where to find you.

Today, anyone can build and design a website without prior knowledge about web development, design or coding.

Whether you want to create a website for yourself, or for your business, there are services and platforms out there that offer “dummy proof” ways to create professional looking sites for FREE.

So if you want to build a website, read on…

Most Important Aspects of a Website

Your website is your storefront, but unlike the traditional brick and mortar store, it never closes and is always available to visitors. I know that first impression lasts but a website doesn’t just have to look great, it also has to function great. So here are some of the most important aspects of websites that make the difference between a quality site and one that is lacking.

  • Modern Aesthetics
  • Ease of Navigation
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Speed and Load Time
  • Quality Content
  • Uses CMS (Content Management System)

If your website meets all the above mentioned requirements, you will be operating a successful website that is attracting the right visitors and converting them into paying customers.

Now that you know the aspects a website should have, next is finding the right tool and resources to simplify the process. And I highly recommend WordPress for you to do this. (Yes, you’re right. I would help you build a WordPress website for FREE so stick with me).

Why WordPress? A True Content Management System

WordPress is used by almost 30% of all the websites. Joomla is at 3%, Drupal at 2.2%, Squarespace at 0.8% and Wix is at 0.5%. In short, WordPress is the most used platform around the world.

There are three main CMS platforms that most of the world’s websites are run on. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

A CMS is a software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. It allows someone to easily manage the different codes on a server that goes together to display web pages via an easy-to-use interface that creates and edits the code on their behalf.

WordPress’s biggest advantage is its strong content management system because of its origin in blogging. It allows regular people to create, edit, and manage their own website via an easy-to-understand human-friendly interface. Thereby enabling you to navigate through the back end of your site and upload whatever content you please without having to concern yourself with what’s happening in the background.

Here are some more benefits of using WordPress:

  • Free and Open Source
  • Easy to install and set-up (One-click installation at Wealthy Affiliate)
  • No HTML Editing (no need to have advance technical knowledge)
  • Thousands of free themes (website templates) to choose from
  • Tens of thousands of free plugins (add on features and website functionality)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Friendly
  • Support Network/Community

Let’s Build a Website

But I know absolutely nothing about building websites!

Don’t worry that was my initial reaction too when I first started out. And I can assure you, all the most successful website owners knew nothing when they began to build their very first website.

And in this time and age, we really have no excuses, because as I’ve said earlier we don’t need to know a single line of coding in order to build a beautiful, professional looking website.

Everything is just a few clicks and a few minutes away.

Let me show you how in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Start building your website for free at SiteRubix.com

Step 2: Create your free account

Step 3: You get access to a free website and an entire training platform


With these 3 simple steps, you are going to have your very own, fully functional WordPress website up and running in no time!


If you find this useful and think it may be of help to others, feel free to share it. It would be my pleasure.


If you have any questions and clarifications, please don’t hesitate to write them on the comment section below. I would be more than happy to help you.

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